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FORTRESS Cricket Net Saver [4X Sizes]

FORTRESS Cricket Net Saver. Suitable for use in all indoor and outdoor cricket net cages. Cricket netting manufactured from durable woven polyester mesh able to withstand all cricket ball impacts, protecting your cricket nets and prolonging their lifespan. Green colour adds aesthetic appeal and enhances privacy for optimal batter concentration.

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Give Your Cricket Net The Privacy And Protection That It Deserves!


  • Available in 4 sizes: 3.1m x 1.8m (10ft x 6ft), 3.1m x 3.1m (10ft x 10ft), 6.1m x 3.1m (20ft x 10ft) and 9.1m x 3.1m (30ft x 10ft)


  • Manufactured from a tough, close woven polyester mesh
  • Fully edged, reinforced hem


  • Designed to hang on tensioned wire rope (not included)
  • Supplied in green

Maximise the lifespan of your cricket cages with the FORTRESS Cricket Net Saver. Available in a choice of 4 sizes: 3.1m x 1.8m, 3.1m x 3.1m, 6.1m x 3.1m and 9.1m x 3.1m, you’ll be sure to find the perfect net size for your cricket batting cage. Each net saver is manufactured using premium quality woven polyester mesh that can withstand any impact from all types of cricket ball, giving your cricket cage netting ultimate protection to extend its lifespan. The fully edged, reinforced hem allows this net to hang on tension wired rope (not included) so your cricket net saver remains securely in place during use. Finished in a sleek green colour, this FORTRESS Cricket Net Saver offers optimal privacy during your net sessions, allowing batters to keep focused during use.

  • FORTRESS Cricket Net Saver – Ideal protection aid for all cricket nets and batting cages
  • Available in 4 sizes: 3.1m x 1.8m, 3.1m x 3.1m, 6.1m x 3.1m and 9.1m x 3.1m, ensuring you find the perfect size to fit your cricket net
  • Manufactured from ultra-durable woven polyester mesh, this net saver is designed to absorb the impact of any cricket ball
  • Fitted with a fully edged reinforced hem allowing you to hang the saver on your cricket net with tensioned wire rope (not included)
  • Stylish green finish offers unrivalled privacy for your cricket net sessions, enabling batters to remain focused
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