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Pilates Mats & Equipment

14 Products

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    Metis Pilates Bar | Net World Sports

    METIS Pilates Bar

    Special Price AU$29.99

    Regular Price: AU$69.99

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    Exercise & Yoga Mat | Net World Sports

    METIS Exercise & Yoga Mat – 6mm Non-Slip

    Special Price AU$26.99

    Regular Price: AU$39.99

  3. Sale
    Premium Yoga Mat

    METIS Luxury Alignment Yoga Mat

    Special Price AU$69.99

    Regular Price: AU$159.99

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    Foldable Exercise With Woven Handles

    METIS Tri-Folding Yoga Mat

    Special Price AU$149.99

    Regular Price: AU$179.99

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    Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)

    Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)

    Special Price AU$11.99

    Regular Price: AU$34.99

  6. Sale
    METIS Pulley Resistance Bands Set | Net World Sports

    METIS Pulley Resistance Bands With Handles

    Special Price AU$34.99

    Regular Price: AU$69.99

  7. Sale
    METIS Resistance Bands | Net World Sports

    METIS Power Bands

    Special Price AU$19.99

    Regular Price: AU$54.99

  8. Sale
    Set Of 4 Varied Thickness Resistance Bands

    Resistance Bands [Pack of 4]

    Special Price AU$11.99

    Regular Price: AU$44.99

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    METIS Resistance Training Straps | TRX Bands | Net World Sports

    METIS Suspension Training Straps

    Special Price AU$79.99

    Regular Price: AU$139.99

  10. Sale
    Metis Wobble/Balance Board | Fitness Training Tool | Net World Sports

    METIS Wobble/Balance Board

    Special Price AU$44.99

    Regular Price: AU$69.99

  11. Sale
    METIS Balance Cushion

    METIS Balance Cushion

    Special Price AU$34.99

    Regular Price: AU$69.99

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    Team Drinks Bottle For Sports, Gym, Athletics

    Sports Drink Water Bottles (750ml)

    Special Price AU$7.99

    Regular Price: AU$11.99

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    METIS Yoga Mat Carry Strap

    METIS Yoga Mat Carry Strap

    Special Price AU$5.99

    Regular Price: AU$44.99

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    METIS Yoga TPE Mats - 5mm Nonslip

    METIS Yoga TPE Mats - 5mm Nonslip

    Special Price AU$34.99

    Regular Price: AU$44.99

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for building core strength, balance and improving posture. At Net World Sports we supply a range of premium Pilates equipment including Pilates balls and suspension trainers. We also stock a variety of Pilates mats to suit all budgets and requirements. Our mats are perfect for Pilates workouts at home or at the local gym and include non-slip PVC, eco-friendly rubber and tri-folding designs. Popular with Pilates practitioners across Australia, our Pilates bars enable users to tone and strengthen the body and core whilst building dynamic flexibility. You can also add an extra dimension to your workouts and mimic some of the effects of a Pilates machine, with our resistance bands and resistance tubes.