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Drone Racing Equipment

15 Products

  1. Sale
    Custom Length Drone Containment Cage Netting

    Drone Containment Netting [Made To Any Size]

    Special Price AU$11.99

    Regular Price: AU$14.99

  2. Sale
    Drone/UAV Enclosure Drop-In Net (Industrial Set)

    Drone / UAV Enclosure Drop-In Net

    Special Price AU$229.99

    Regular Price: AU$289.99

  3. Sale
    Wheelaway Drone Containment Cage | Net World Sports

    Wheelaway Drone Containment Cage

    Special Price AU$2,749.99

    Regular Price: AU$3,299.99

  4. Sale
    Drone Racing Equipment

    Trapezoid Drone Containment Cage

    Special Price AU$2,199.99

    Regular Price: AU$3,039.99

  5. Sale
    FORZA FLASH Drone Racing Air Gates  (Pair)

    FORZA Pop-Up FPV Drone Racing Air Gates

    Special Price AU$44.99

    Regular Price: AU$69.99

  6. Sale
    FORZA Training Cone Pick-Up Tool (Cone Champ)

    FORZA Training Cone Collector [Cone Champ]

    Special Price AU$34.99

    Regular Price: AU$44.99

  7. Sale
    FORZA FLASH Pop-Up Target Goals [Pair] | Net World Sports

    FORZA Pop-Up Target Goals

    Special Price AU$54.99

    Regular Price: AU$69.99

  8. Sale
    FORZA Astro Slalom Poles

    FORZA ASTRO Slalom Poles With Bases [0.5m / 1.5m / 1.8m High]

    Special Price AU$309.99

    Regular Price: AU$359.99

  9. Sale
    Slalom Pole Rubber Base (2.3kg) | Net World Sports

    FORZA Slalom Pole Rubber Base [2.3kg]

    Special Price AU$29.99

    Regular Price: AU$49.99

  10. Sale
    Vermont Tennis Net Targets

    Vermont Tennis Net Targets

    Special Price AU$99.99

    Regular Price: AU$159.99

  11. Sale
    FORZA 4.5ft Boundary Poles [Pack of 4] | Net World Sports

    FORZA 1.4m Boundary Poles [Pack of 4]

    Special Price AU$69.99

    Regular Price: AU$99.99

  12. Sale
    Boundary Pole Base [4 Pack] - 1.4kg

    Boundary Pole Base [4 Pack] - 1.4kg

    Special Price AU$89.99

    Regular Price: AU$109.99

  13. Sale
    FORZA Multi-Sport Superdome Training Marker Cones

    FORZA SuperCone Training Marker Domes [20 QTY]

    Special Price AU$79.99

    Regular Price: AU$89.99

  14. Sale
    FORZA Training Marker Cones [10 Colours]

    FORZA Training Marker Cones [10 Colours]

    Special Price AU$44.99

    Regular Price: AU$54.99

  15. Sale
    FORZA Large Training Cones [3x Sizes]

    FORZA Large Training Cones [3x Sizes]

    Special Price AU$39.99

    Regular Price: AU$49.99

At Net World Sports, we supply the highest quality FPV Drone Racing Kit and Equipment. If you are a solo racer, hobbyist or a drone racing league looking for netting, containment cages or drone racing air gates - we can help. We stock drone containment netting that can be made to any size and heavy-duty drop in drone nets. Our nets are ideal for races and anyone looking to test new drones and try out new maneuvers. You can also refine your drone racing skills and train for the next competition with our range of drone training marker cones, slalom poles and wheelaway drone cages.