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RapidFire RF150 Rugby Rebounder

138cm x 94cm RapidFire RF150 Rugby Rebound Net. 1.5mm thick steel weatherproof frame. Detachable clip for horizontal or vertical positioning. Spring tensioned target areas. Collapsible frame for easy storage.

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RapidFire RF150 Rebounder Specifications


  • Frame: 138cm x 94cm | 4.5ft x 3ft 
  • Side 1: 129cm x 86cm | 4.2ft x 3ft 
  • Side 1: 121cm x 78cm | 4ft x 2.5ft 


  • Frame: 1.5mm powder coated steel
  • Side 1: 1.5mm HDPP knotted twine with 48mm mesh
  • Side 2: 2mm HDPE knotless twine with 30mm mesh


  • Detachable clip allows you to position the rebounder horizontally or vertically
  • Spring-tensioned design for unpredictable ball return
  • Simple assembly thanks to quick release pins
  • Rebounder can be adjusted between 55cm and 88cm
  • Folds flat for easy storage
RapidFire RF150 Rugby Rebounder For Kicking And Passing Training Drills 

Crafted from premium materials, the RapidFire RF150 Rugby Rebounder is the perfect all-weather training tool thanks its weatherproof construction. Built from 1.5mm thick steel which is finished with a black powder coating, this rugby rebound net will not succumb to the effects of rust or corrosion after heavy rainfall, instead providing an exceptional level of performance throughout wet-weather rugby training sessions.

  • The RapidFire RF150 Rugby Rebounder’s frame is made from powder coated 1.5mm thick steel
  • Side 1 (129cm x 86cm): 1.5mm HDPP twine with 48mm knotted mesh
  • Side 2 (121cm x 78cm): 2mm HDPE twine with 30mm knotless mesh
  • Rebounder can be positioned either vertically or horizontally thanks its detachable clip
  • Adjustable angle between 55cm and 88cm
  • Easy to assemble thanks to quick release pins
  • Rugby rebound net folds flat for storage

Featuring two target nets, the RapidFire RF150 Rugby Rebounder will provide an unpredictable ball return regardless of which side is being used thanks to multiple springs which are meticulously positioned to keep your rebounder tensioned. This innovative construction allows both sides of the rebound net to return your rugby ball in an unpredictable manner, helping to replicate the conditions of a competitive rugby match. Side 1 measures 129cm x 78cm and is made from 1.5mm thick knotted HDPP twine, while side 2 measures 121cm x 78cm and is made from 2mm knotless HDPE twine. These hard-wearing nets will not rip or tear when struck by a rugby ball thanks to their heavy-duty construction.

Designed to be integrated into an extensive range of rugby training drills, this rugby rebounder can be positioned vertically or horizontally thanks to its detachable clip. This feature works alongside the rebound net’s adjustable angle to ensure you can seamlessly incorporate the RapidFire RF150 Rugby Rebounder into your usual kicking and passing drills.  

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