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FORTRESS Baseball Sock Net Replacement

Sock Net Replacement for 7ft x 7ft baseball sock net screens. UV stabilised and 100% rot proof. Pillowcase style fitting for easy installation and double-up protection. Available in #42 and #62 weight grades.

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Highly Durable, 100% Rot Proof Sock Net Replacement Screens


  • Width: 7ft (2.13m)
  • Height: 7ft (2.13m)
  • #42 grade twine thickness: 2.5mm (7/64”)
  • #62 grade twine thickness: 3mm (1/8”)


  • Pillowcase style netting slides over frame easily
  • #42 weight netting is used as standard with the Fortress range of baseball screens
  • #62 weight netting is used as standard with the Nimitz Edition range of baseball screens
  • Square sock captures balls during hitting or pitching training
  • Overlocked rope edges for extreme durability


  • All netting grades are UV stabilised and 100% rot proof
  • HDPE twine is durable and will not stretch
Baseball Replacement Nets for Fortress Baseball Sock Net Screens

Our heavy duty baseball replacement nets are perfect for repairing your existing Fortress sock net screens, whether you need the #42 weight net, or #62 weight which is supplied across our Nimitz range.

  • 7ft x 7ft (2.13m x 2.13m) – designed specifically for Fortress and Fortress Nimitz baseball sock net screens
  • Select either #42 or #62 grade baseball nets, both made from a highly durable HDPE twine
  • All edges of our baseball nets are reinforced with 0.75in rope for extra strength
  • UV stabilised to withstand direct sunlight of any intensity and 100% rot proof
  • Pillowcase design makes for quick and easy installation as well as doubled-up protection

Both grades are manufactured with a pillow-case design, making them both secure and easy to apply to existing frames. This also provides you with a doubled-up layer of protection to extend the lifespan of our baseball nets.

Our entire range of replacement baseball nets are manufactured from knotted twine, which is a method of manufacturing that ensures our nets are the strongest they can be. The twine is UV stabilised and rot-proof so they can be used in any baseball facility, both indoors and outdoors.

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