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FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall


FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall

  • Freestanding Football Rebounder
  • Freestanding Football Rebounder
Double-sided FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall with foldaway frames. Manufactured from galvanised steel with a 2mm spring-loaded rebound net. Available in 3.6m x 1.8m and 4.9m x 2.1m variations.
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Soccer Rebound Wall - Spring-Loaded Soccer Training Rebounder

FORZA Soccer Rebounder | Soccer Rebound Net

Top Soccer Training Rebounder

Using this rebound wall in training sessions is a fantastic way to improve soccer's most vital skills such as basic passing, first touch, and ball control.

Essential Soccer Training Equipment | Training Rebounder For Soccer Drills

Realistic Soccer Rebounding Net

With a taut net, it reacts to how hard the ball is hit against it. The harder the hit, the further the rebound & the faster your reaction skills must be!

Top Quality Rebounder For Soccer Practice | Premium Soccer Training Rebound Net

Multi-Skill Soccer Training Tool

Add a new and fun way to improve skills in your training regime. Keeps players engaged and offers a wide variation of different challenges. 


FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall – Freestanding Spring-Loaded Soccer Rebounder For Multi-Skill Training Drills

This versatile soccer rebounder is perfect for working on a wide variety of techniques, including first touch, ball control, passing, shooting and positioning. Designed to provide unpredictable bounces which are conducive of the dynamic nature of a real-match, the soccer training rebound wall is high quality training equipment for simulating matchday scenarios. Available in two sizes, the large soccer rebounder net can be applied to any training sessions.

  • Dual-sided soccer training rebound wall with an extra-large rebound net for solo or simultaneous training drills
  • Soccer training equipment for various skills including first touch, heading, passing, shooting and ball control practice
  • Manufactured with a heavy duty galvanised steel freestanding rebounder frame suitable for all surfaces
  • Soccer rebounder training aid designed with a 2mm spring-loaded net with reinforced edges
  • Choose between two soccer rebound wall sizes for varying challenges – 3.6m x 1.8m or 4.9m x 2.1m

Due to its freestanding design, the all-surface soccer rebound net can be used in the backyard just as effectively as it can be applied to intense club training sessions. The portable soccer rebounder is made with a high-strength galvanised steel frame which retains a lightweight feel allowing it to be moved around with ease. Due to the two size options, this premium soccer rebounding net can be used by both youth and first team players.

This soccer kickback rebounder features a taut springy net which provides high velocity rebounds. The 2mm thick spring-loaded net features reinforced edges and is incredibly durable for consistent skill training sessions. The double-sided soccer training rebounder wall is suitable for professional footballers as well as amateurs, with a high value yet top quality design which is accessible to anyone who wants to improve their technique.


FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall


  • Available sizes (Length x Height)
  • 12ft x 6ft (3.65m x 1.82m)
  • 16ft x 7ft (4.87m x 2.12m)


  • 2mm net with reinforced edges
  • Sturdy galvanised steel frame


  • Large and highly spring-loaded, double sided rebound area (can be used for individual or multi-player training)
  • Recommended for use in soccer training practice, as well as in the garden
  • Highly sturdy, robust and durable construction
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Based on 1 customer reviews

Bill Galloway
Having coached the local youth team for the past 5 years, this rebound net has been the best piece of equipment I’ve used. As I coach junior players, I opted for the 12 x 6 net, although I noticed a larger size available in the drop-down. Our facility doesn’t have a great deal of storage space, but the foldaway frames allow us to stow it away with ease. The rebound net itself gives off a substantial bounce, and the fact that it can be used for multiple players as well as individuals is a huge plus point. We use this rebounder to train players in every position, and it’s taken its fair share of impact but still looks as good as new. I’d recommend this double-sided net to any coach looking for high quality and reliable training gear.
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Questions & Answers

4 questions | 4 answers

For a net so tall, have there been any complaints with it tipping over frequently, on hard shots?

Jason Crow

Hello Jason, thank you very much for the question. I don't think we have ever received any complaints about this. I have tested the product myself recently and it's incredibly sturdy when used correctly. Please note, it is not used to strike the ball at as if you were trying to score a goal. It can withstand a decent impact, just don't get to carried away!
Many thanks,


Can the rebound wall be left out all year? I can see the frame is galvanised but wondering how durable the net and bungee cords are. This is ref the 12x6 wall. Thanks.


Hi Rob, thanks for your enquiry. The rebound wall is designed to be left out all year round yes. As you mentioned it has a galvanised frame meaning it is protected from the weather but the net is also UV stabilised meaning it is rot proof. It is also very durable allowing for constant and heavy use. I hope this helps. Many thanks, Adam


How big are the netting holes? Is it small enough it might also be used for LAX?


Hi HC, thank you very much for the enquiry. The square size for this product is 48mm, this makes it also compatible with balls such as: Tennis balls & Baseballs.
Many thanks,


Could this net be used to throw baseballs against as well? Thanks


Hello, thank you very much for the question. Yes, this product is compatible with Baseballs. You can also use this product with Footballs, Cricket Balls & Tennis Balls for example.
Many thanks,


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